Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zambia Pt. 5

Bananas at Baluba Farm
 The end of our trip in Zambia is near. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind as I look back at the past week. I’m glad I was able to share these posts otherwise it would be a struggle to look back and remember what we all did and where it was done. We sealed our time in Ndola last night with a grill out party at Daniel and Karol’s home. It was such a pleasant time of relaxing and fellowship, before we headed off to Livingstone, which is where I am writing this from.

The Pederson's: Daniel, Joshua, Karol and Emma 
Yesterday started off very much the same as the other days we’ve been here. Only before we went into town we stopped in at the “Baluba Farm” which is part of Kaniki Bible College. We arrived a bit late to the Lifeline offices and then headed straight to the market to do a little souvenir shopping. Once through we headed back to finish a paint project at Lifeline, and then off to the Pederson’s house to party! To just sit down and hang out as a team with Daniel, Karol, Joshua, and Emma was a delight. They are one of the sweetest families I’ve ever known. So willing to love, so willing to serve without looking for recognition. After Daniel and I beat Craig, Keith, and Justin at a game of darts it was time to fire up the “brye” (Grill). Dinner was something to write home about. The small sausage links that tasted like brats, the delicious pork chops, and the tomato with fresh basil leaves… It was delicious!! We then sat around a bond fire and shared about the week and what we felt the Lord had revealed to us through the trip. After several prayers and words from the Lord came the hardest part of all, saying goodbye. To put it lightly, it was hard. I will miss that family so much! (At least till I go back).
Simon, myself, Dinky, and Craig jamming out on the lawn on the second day.
   This morning we started getting up and rolling at about 4:30am, which is early, but it was especially early for me because I had said some goodbyes and spent some time with my new friend Simon before packing and bed. I think I got an hour of sleep, but we all were going to have plenty of time to sleep on our twelve-hour van ride to Livingstone. And let me just say that is a long ride, but we made it safe, ate, took a swim and I am beginning to fall asleep as I write this. So I will leave you all with a short one this time. I’ll share more about Livingstone soon. 
(This was supposed to be posted last night, more to come from Livingstone soon)

A delicious refreshment on the road to Livingstone

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