Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Zambia Pt. 2

    Its day 3 and it has been quite a time so far. The last post was about our first day, and I feel like that was an eternity ago. Yesterday we split up into two teams, one worked on installing a pump and sealing it up to prevent continued contamination, and the second team (the one I was a part of) visited the home’s of HIV/AIDS patients. It was such a humbling thing to sit with someone who has little life left. I was left mostly speechless, except for a prayer. My mind can’t comprehend it, my heart hurts when I try to grasp the weight of it. We visited three homes with a volunteer who takes two days out of his week to serve with “Lifeline In Zambia”, the ministry that is truly doing a great work in this area of Zambia. 
Mr. N'Kunde and I after home visits
N’Kunde (Nkoonday), the volunteer who served as our guide, has such a heart for the people. It’s amazing to me how he would just sit and listen, and encourage the people. What a concept, just caring enough to be around them, not trying to fix their problems, but to be with them through those problems. That kind of care is no doubt something that I want be prevalent in my life.
    Today we once again split up into teams, and this time I had the opportunity to hang out /play with about 22 kids that were part of a program set up within Lifeline to build relationships with and serve HIV/AIDS infected children. Though this whole time there has been a language barrier, (they mainly speak Bemba) we were able to have a great time with them. After a few failed attempts at “Birdy on a perch” we settled in with some crafts and then made balloon animals. 
Moses and I
  There was a young boy there named Moses who at one point was sitting in the corner alone not participating in crafts time. So I called him over and had him sit in my lap while I made balloon animals for the kids. Moses is about 3 or 4 years old and I found out today that because he is HIV positive the chances of him living past 5 are slim to none. I know that is hard to hear, but that is an everyday reality over here. We pray and we love on them. It was a great opportunity to be able to spend time with these children and to let them capture a piece of my heart. 

     In some ways it feels like we have been here awhile, in others it feels like we have just arrived. I am glad that we have quite a few days left for ministry. I am thoroughly impressed and blessed by Daniel & Caroline Pederson (The missionaries we are serving with). Their hearts for these communities are so big! The fact that they have chosen to raise their children in a place where they are exposed to a very extreme reality is such an amazing thing.
     So after three days our hearts are expanding continually for these incredible people. We have much more to learn, much more to experience. I hope the next time I write you I will be even more changed than I am now. Thank you to all who keep us in prayer, we feel it and are blessed by the Lord’s grace as we minister. 

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