Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zambia Pt. 3 - Mulishani!

I just had to count how many days we've been here. The time has flown and the experiences have continued to be amazing. We've continued working with "LIZ" (Lifeline In Zambia) and their many projects around and outside Ndola. Yesterday we went about an hour outside of town to the "Kutuba Project" which is a school with about 300 children. The school house is literally a two room hut that will no doubt be destroyed in rainy season. Today I had the opportunity to work with a small team installing a pump for a community not far from town. That was an adventure of its own.

The schoolhouse
 We arrived at the "Kutuba Project" to the sound of singing, yes all the children were singing songs in anticipation of our arrival. You could tell there was an excitement to see the "Muzungu"(White People). It was such a wonderful time! We played all sorts of games with them, starting with the staple game, Soccer, then we tried a few others that were a blast. For any Bible Memory Campers out there, yes I was successfully able to pull off "Birdy on a Perch" in Zambia! We then presented the a skit that I believe made the gospel message very clear. After nearly every child raised their hand to receive Jesus into their hearts and lives (Praise Jesus!!), we prayed with  

The children lined of for lunch!
them, then began to sing songs in Bemba. I've some how managed to learn two songs in the local language, and I love each one. What I love even more is hearing those children belt out these songs in tune and whole heartedly. "Ta kwava Uwaa banga Yesu" (thats my phonetic spelling of course) simply put "there's no one, there's no one like Jesus". This is one of my favorites. And there is nothing like hearing this upbeat song from the mouths of a bunch of beautiful children. It was such an great opportunity to spend the day with these kids.


Immanuel and I on the road to the well With water.
 Our experience today involved a pump installation project. It started off good, only to be derailed by a nearly dried up well. So we set off on foot not far down the road to another well that had a healthy amount of water in it. Our pump system had a few glitches that needed working out so we had to leave it in the hands of Immanuel, an installer from the area. Our leader on this project was a gentleman that truly blew my mind. Chris, a native Zambian, is beyond well educated with a PhD in agricultural science. He has had the big well paying job, but when the Lord got a hold of his heart, things began to change. He felt the Lord call him into the ministry, but not just any kind, he calls himself an "agricultural missionary" as he preaches the gospel along with teaching villages how to live self-sustained through farming. His heart is so big for his people and it is no doubt the Lord has raised him up to bring true change. Powerful stuff!
Chris and I installing the pump assembly.
   Our afternoon was fun and tiring as we put together a bit of a program for the children of the "Kaniki Orphan Project". For me and the rest of the guys it mainly involved football (Soccer). My team totally got pummeled 8-4, but it was a lot of fun (despite my 3 hand balls... Fail!). We then shared the gospel with them and had an overwhelming response (God is such a Champ!).
      Our evenings have been suger coated with such great Zambian food cooked by Katherine, one of the staff here at Kaniki. Delicious is an understatement, and tonight was no exception. We've had a wonderful time working with a few other missionaries down here. Zoe (Mama Z) and Signe (Raindrop) have been a lot of fun to hang out with. Zoe is from England and is a wonderful musician serving with "Kaniki Orphan Project", Signe (Pronounced "Seena") is from Denmark and she is spending a couple of months down here working with Lifeline. Quick shout out for Zoe, she has an album available on iTunes that is going to help support her while she is here in Zambia. If you would take a moment to preview it or potentially buy it, just know its going to help out an amazing work over here, and I endorse it!  The link is .
      Once again I am blown away by our team, we've had a great time with each other! Talk about favor, I believe only one person has gotten sick this whole time and it was only for one day. People are praying and God is blessing!
    There is SOOO much more that I know I am leaving out, but I will leave you with this for now.
Mulishani is the greeting here, the proper response is Bweeno, which is super close to bueno, and from all of us here, we are Bweeno!

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