Thursday, October 18, 2012

Europe Pt 2 Trains & Spain

Catedral De Burgos
    Traveling on the train has been pretty simple, and its a wonderful way to see the countryside. I realized one of the most important tricks to taking any hassles out is getting there early. Though this isn't a natural trait of mine, when it comes to success or failure in a foreign country one learns to adjust. I am so glad that I bought a Eurail pass. While I still have to buy a ticket, the price for me was 4 Euros versus 40+ Euros.
       Part of traveling that is exciting for me is meeting complete strangers. On my train ride from Bordeaux, France to Burgos, Spain I struck up a conversation with Janet, a young lady from South Africa. She was in France for a wedding and was spending her remaining vacation time exploring northern Spain. The day continued with more random encounters. As I was getting off the train in Burgos a gentleman asked me if I spoke spanish, and if had ever been to Burgos. He was a writer and professor, and not only did he offer me a ride into town, but also a tour of some historical spots in the city the next day. So my buddy Ty and I took a small tour of the Catedral De Burgos as well a few other landmarks that were rich with history, courtesy of Jose.
Arco De Santa Maria
   The cathedral was easily one of the most amazing pieces of architecture I've ever seen. The intricate carvings on the outside were remarkable. I was told that their are more than 600 figures carved around the outside. Each one made to perfection, only time has worn down the exquisit statues. Leading the way into the square adjacent to the cathedral is the Arco De Santa Maria. Made for emperor Carlos V, the arch marks an important entrance through the old city wall. Throughout the city there places that make you just stop and stare. Simply wonderful.
     Today has been a lazy day. I was able to sleep in and then just lounge around the house. The weather is chilly and rainy much like London and Paris were, so not exactly ideal for exploring, but i think that will happen a bit tomorrow. There is too much in this town to stay inside on the couch the whole time.
     So with that I'm off to sleep. Tomorrow holds new adventures that I should prove to be exciting.
 Until Next time.

Ty and I

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