Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Europe Pt. 3

Arco De La Victoria, Madrid.
  Its fall, and it actually feel like it here in Burgos, España. Yesterday was the kind of day that made for a great stroll through the city. I went to the city center where there are all sorts of old historical gems peering down on pedestrians scurrying about, enjoying the warm sunlight. I sat in a one of the several squares decorated with a fountain and surrounded by old apartment homes and shops. It was the perfect place to sit down and process the last several days of my time here in España. Saturday was full of unexpected encounters and great teaching that made for a great trip to Madrid, and Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to worship with Iglesia De Burgos.
Kris Vallotton bringing the word.
       I had planned on attending this conference in Madrid with Ty and others from his church well before I came to España. I was thrilled however, when found out the guest speaker was Kris Vallotton one of the leaders and teachers at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He spoke about healing, which is a very much a part of the culture at Bethel, but this wasn't just physical healing. He began to share about healing the WHOLE person, body, spirit, and soul. It was interesting to see how physical healing relates to deeper things within our souls. It ties into inner healing, which is a subject dear to my heart.
Ty on the early morning ride to Madrid. 
    Aside from enjoying this engaging word, I met a few people that I will be in future contact with. Some sooner than others. One, for instance, is a young lady named Rebecca. She is from New Zealand, but studying and living in Rome. She agreed to show me around a bit, and find a place for me to crash. These random Jesus encounters are one of my favorite parts about traveling. So exciting!
     On Sunday Iglesia De Burgos (Church of Burgos) celebrated their third anniversary of what they call "Fusion", which is when two churches merged into one. The celebration included many people bringing all sorts of delicious finger foods. Before that, however we had a wonderful worship time and I was graciously invited to play the piano with the worship team. The service was unique. There were pauses in between the songs which allowed for anyone in the church to pray out loud something the Lord had put on their heart. It was a great outlet for each person to worship the Lord in their own way. Once again I was blessed to be a part of the great body of Christ.
      Tomorrow the adventure continues as I begin to make my way toward Valencia. More on that later. There are more exciting unplanned stories to come. Stay tuned!

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  1. It's so exciting to read about your travels, Levi! Thanks for sharing them for the rest of us to enjoy. God bless as you continue to travel along!