Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Start.

     In less than 12 hours we will be boarding a plane that will begin an adventure that will, in no small way, change our lives. Its interesting how just a few decisions and some significant sacrifice can truly put us in position to be useful tools in our Creator's hands.
  With bags packed, mind ready, body excited,  and Spirit expectant we begin. 11 pairs of beautiful feet willing and ready to go. The names for the record are Hannah, Crystal, Keith, Rachel, Tiffany, Brooklyn, Craig, Heather, Linda (Mom), Justin, and myself. 
     The itinerary is full of exciting opportunities that include, but aren't limited to, children's ministry, well digging, painting, home visits, bible school ministry. 
   All of this is for Zambia, the first leg of my adventure that will span over the next month and a half. The next leg will be a trip through Europe. More on that later. Right now is the time to focus on what's at hand. First our 10 hour flight to London, a quick tour of the city upon arrival, then on to Lusaka, Zambia. It is most definitely going to be an eventful 24-48 hours thats for sure.
   So as we go some of you will continue to read these updates, and be in prayer for us. I am grateful for each one of you who has committed to doing that. It is actually more significant than every dollar that was raised to go on this trip. Thank you!
  This is it! It started awhile back, but now is when our feet find the air and go!